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InGalera is the first and only Italian restaurant located inside a jail and open to the public for both lunch and dinner. Our employees are the prison’s guests, assisted by a professional chef and maître d’hôtel. Here, they are given the chance to learn and practice the art of cooking and serving refined food, which will both tantalise and surprise you.
The restaurant was created with the purpose of offering to regularly employed prisoners the possibility of learning or regaining a work ethic. It is a meaningful journey in which they receive professional training and learn to be responsible. Here, they prepare to enter civil society and the work arena.
Furthermore, thanks to the in-jail section of the Paolo Frisi Hotel School, opened in the Casa di Reclusione Milano Bollate, student-prisoners can do their mandatory training, necessary to obtain their hospitality diploma, in the InGalera restaurant.
InGalera is the right choice for a good meal, and for an experience to share.


Why here?
For many years we have been working with people who, for different reasons, are serving a sentence in jail. One day, they will leave prison and our mutual interest is for them to return to society with an education and the dignity which characterises good citizens.
In time, we have learned that recidivism diminishes drastically when correction facilities offer professional training as well as real jobs, imparting to detainees a work ethic made of professionalism, effort and pride in their every day life, contributing to help them maintain, as prisoners, their families.
We are trying to make a difference...
And now, with your presence, this place symbolically connects our jail to the city. All of us, internal and external collaborators, will do our best to welcome and restore you with a delicious lunch or dinner, hoping you will remember with pleasure the time spent with us.

What we offer


Wide selection of dishes


Treatment of raw materials


Good value for money


Kitchen opening times
12.15-14.00 / 19.30 - 22.00


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Fondazione Cariplo
Fondazione Peppino Vismara
IIS Paolo Frisi

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Catering abc

abc la sapienza in tavola performs more than 500 external catering services a year, giving prisoners the chance to be regularly employed and to attend training classes.
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Also this year you may devolve your '5 per 1000 IRPEF' to the social coop onlus abc, indicating our tax number in MODELS CUD, 730 and UNICO.

FISC. CODE: 04536470968